With great power, comes great responsibility.

Self custody is a responsibility. It means you can finally have total independence and ownership over your money. It also means, you can lose access to your money if you don't protect your seed words.

What assets can I use with the Stash wallet?

Our Stash wallet is a Layer 1 (on-chain) hot wallet. Simply put, you can send and receive on-chain BTC.

What are seed words?

It's 12 simple words. Think of it like your password to your email or a key to a safe. These words are what gives you access to your Bitcoin. ANYONE who possesses your seed words can access your wallet and move your Bitcoin. So make sure you NEVER share your seed words with anyone and NEVER store them online.

How to keep your seed words safe

  1. Write your seed words down in at least two different places.

  2. Do NOT take a picture of them.

  3. Do NOT store them on your phone or your computer.

  4. Do NOT share them with anyone.

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