The Bitcoin app, for everyone. Buy, pay, earn, learn, spend and borrow — all in one super app.

Welcome to Satoshi.

Important: Satoshi is currently in beta for both iOS and Android. If you'd like to be an early tester of Satoshi you can join the waitlist here.


How to start using Satoshi

  1. Download the app

  2. Click Create

  3. Select a PIN

  4. Choose a username

  5. Enter your email address

  6. Confirm your 4-digit code

After doing these steps, you've created your account with Satoshi. You should consider adding 2FA security to your account to make it more secure. You can immediately receive Bitcoin both on-chain and on Lightning.

Do I have to create a wallet to use Satoshi?

No. You can also import a wallet into Satoshi if you have your seed phrase.

  1. Click "I already have a wallet"

  2. Enter or paste your seed phrase

  3. Click the Import button

You will then be logged into Satoshi with your own self custodial wallet. Additionally Satoshi enables you to create more self custodial wallets if you'd like to.

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