Satoshi makes it easy to keep your friends close.

On Satoshi you can find and add anyone as a Contact. This makes it easy to pay people again without them having to send you their Bitcoin address. Additionally you can also request payment from anyone on Satoshi making it a single click for them to pay you.

How to add Contacts

  • Go to the Contacts widget on the Home screen

  • Click Explore

  • Find the contact that you want to add

  • Click Add

They will then be in your contact list and the Add button transforms into a Pay button.

How to pay Contacts

  • Click the Pay button on the contact you'd like to pay

  • Enter the amount that you'd like to pay them

  • Click the Confirm button

  • Add a message if you'd like to and click Confirm

How to request payment from Contacts

  • Go to your Contacts profile by clicking on their avatar

  • Click Request

  • Enter the amount that you want to Request

  • Click the Request button

Viewing Profiles of others on Satoshi

You can request or pay anyone with a single click. Additionally you can view metrics of other users on Satoshi to see their Streak, sats Earned and Rank.

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