Frequently Asked Questions

What is Satoshi?

Satoshi is the Bitcoin super app that enables you to buy, pay, earn, learn, spend and borrow seamlessly.

What type of wallet options are there?

Satoshi offers three wallet types: Flash, Stash, and Exchange. What type of wallet options are there? Satoshi offers three wallets: Flash, Stash, and Exchange.

  • Flash Wallet: Self-custodial wallet for fast Bitcoin transactions. Supports on-chain and Lightning network.

  • Stash Wallet: Self-custodial wallet for full control over your Bitcoin. Supports on-chain Bitcoin transactions.

  • Exchange Wallet: Beginner-friendly, managed by Satoshi. Supports buying and selling with ID verification. Supports on-chain and Lightning transactions.

How do I create my account?
  1. Download the app

  2. Click Create wallet

  3. Enter your email address

  4. Confirm your 4-digit code

  5. Enter your PIN code then confirm it

You can then immediately receive Bitcoin both on-chain and on Lightning.

What are the fees to buy and sell?

Buying and selling Bitcoin on Satoshi has low transparent fees of 0.9%.

Can I earn from referring people?

Absolutely! Sharing Satoshi with the world is encouraged. If you refer someone to Satoshi, you will earn 21% of their fees for life.

How is my data protected?

Satoshi uses the best data encryption practices to protect your data. We take privacy extremely serious.

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