Easy to use. Access full functionality on Satoshi.

How to create an Exchange Account

  1. Download Satoshi and create your Flash wallet first.

  2. You can click buy, or click verify identity in the wallets page

  3. Complete your KYC verification

  4. Once approved, you will have your Exchange account

  5. You can then add a payment method and begin buying BTC

What can I do with this account?

  1. Buy Bitcoin

  2. Sell Bitcoin

  3. Add Cash

  4. Cash Out

  5. Send On-chain and Lightning

  6. Receive On-chain and Lightning

Who is this account for?

The Exchange account is designed for anyone with any level of experience to use. It is required to be able to buy and sell BTC on Satoshi. Ultimately, if you want the ability to buy and sell and want the best user experience possible, the Exchange account is for you.

What assets can I use with the Exchange account?

  • BTC (on-chain)

  • BTC (lightning)

  • US Dollars (USD)

Do I need to pass KYC to use the Exchange account?


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