Earn sats everyday for showing up and being active. The more you do, the more sats you can earn.

Basic Rules

  • The minimum you can claim is 1 sat.

  • If you don't claim for more than 24 hours, your earnings pause.


  1. Daily Earn Rate:

This is the amount of sats you will earn over the next 24hrs. Your daily earn rate is calculated as: (sats bonus + 20% of your future payout total).

What is my sats bonus?

Satoshi gives you some free sats each day just for showing up. This can increase the more active you are on the platform.

  1. Future Payout:

5% of your fees paid accrue here. For example: if you pay a 100 sat fee to send money on lightning, your future payout will grow by 5 sats (5% of your fee paid). Your future payout drips back to you at 20% per day and is reflected in your Daily Earn Rate.

  1. Satsback Percentage:

This is the % of your own fees that you earn back over time. By default everyone's satsback percentage starts at 5%. So, if you pay a 100 sat fee, you will earn back 5 sats.

  1. Time left to claim:

Your earnings (the large, growing number at the top of the earn page) will freeze if you don't claim for more then 24 hours. The time to claim is the amount of time you have, to claim, before your earnings will pause. Also, if the clock hits 0:00:00 without claiming once that day, you will lose your streak.


Show up and claim your sats each day to extend your streak. This helps you rank higher to earn more rewards on Satoshi.

How do I start a streak?

A streak starts once you claim some sats on the Earn page. If you continue to claim at least once per 24 hours, then your streak will continue to grow.

How do I lose my streak?

If you go more than 24 hours without claiming sats on the Earn page, you will reset your streak back to 0 and you will lose your satsback percentage and sats bonuses.


This is the total amount of sats that you've claimed.


Your rank is a number that represents where you rank against all other Satoshi users. The number is calculated by multiplying your streak by your sats earned. As you climb the ranks, a multiplier is added to enhance your Daily Earn Rate.


Challenges are unique actions with ascending levels, that give you a way to earn some sats at each level you reach. Completing challenges will help you increase your Rank.

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