It's like an email address for your money.

Why use LNURL?

LNURL is like an email address for money. It's a permanent address that you can use over and over again. You can post it somewhere to receive tips and other similar use cases. A cool aspect of LNURL addresses is that they're easy to read. Here's an example: hal@satoshi.money. Another interesting aspect to LNURL's is that they offer some level of privacy. You can receive payment from someone without revealing your on-chain Bitcoin address to them.

Sending to LNURL addresses

  1. Sending to Satoshi users

  • You can find a user in Satoshi that you want to pay

  • Go to their profile or just click the Pay Button

  • Enter an amount to pay

  • Click the Confirm button

Additionally you can just scan their LNURL address and choose an amount to send to them. Payments between users in Satoshi happen on the lightning network using LNURL.

  1. Sending to users with other wallets

  • Click the Send Button

  • Scan or paste their LNURL address

  • Enter an amount to pay

  • Click the Confirm button

Receiving at your LNURL address

Anyone can just scan your LNURL address and pay you sats directly. You can also just share your LNURL address with them via a messaging app.

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