It's like cash in your pocket. Hold your own keys and use Bitcoin on-chain and on Lightning.

All US users who create a wallet, will start with a Flash wallet on Satoshi.

Non-US users can choose to create a Flash wallet for themselves whenever they want in addition to their (custodial) Starter wallet.

How to create a Flash wallet when onboarding?

  1. Download Satoshi

  2. Click the Create Wallet button

  3. Choose a pin code

  4. Backup your 12-word seed phrase

How to create a Flash wallet after creating a Starter wallet?

  1. Click the wallet dropdown at the top of the Home page

  2. In the wallets pop-up click "Create Wallet"

  3. On the wallets page in the Wallet Types section, click Create under the Flash wallet

  4. Backup your 12-word seed phrase

Who is this wallet for?

The Flash wallet is like cash in your pocket. It offers a full on-chain + lightning experience. Additionally you get to be self reliant and hold your own seed phrase.

What assets can I use with the Flash wallet?

Our Flash wallet supports both Layer 1 (on-chain) Bitcoin and Lightning.

What are lightning liquidity channels and how do they work?

When you move BTC onto the Lightning Network, you move it into channels. When money is sent over lightning the funds pass through channels to reach their destination.

Channels have "liquidity". For example if you opened a lightning with 1 million sats you'd then be able to send those 1 million sats to other users on the lightning network.

Channels have capacity. So imagine you had a channel with 2 million sats of capacity and you currently had 1 million sats. You would be able to receive up to another 1 million sats before you needed to open a new channel or increase the size of your current channel.

Each time you need to open a channel or increase the size of an existing channel, an on-chain transaction fee needs to be paid.

We do our best to offer Satoshi users extra liquidity so that they can receive sats while minimizing how often they need to open new channels.

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